Online platform

Following the global disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the MEMTAB2020 Symposium will be organised as a virtual Symposium. In the afternoon of the 10th and 11th of December 2020, the dates on which the symposium would normally have taken place in Leuven (Belgium), the congress will go live and you will be able to attend the live sessions on an online platform especially created for this symposium.

On the online platform you will be able to follow the live sessions with our keynote and invited speakers. Every live presentation is followed by a live Q&A session. So you will be able to interact with the keynote and invited speakers.

The oral presentations are divided into two parallel sessions according to the following themes:

  • Prediction models
  • Diagnostic tests

Participants can ask questions during the presentation or afterwards via the chat box.

Posters will not be presented as A0 posters, but will be available for viewing in the virtual booths as short video presentations. During the live event, it will be possible to ask your questions to the presenters via the chat box.

The online platform will remain available until 4 weeks after the live event (until January 7, 2021) ) as an on-demand platform; meaning participants will have ample time to watch all prerecorded poster presentations and to re-watch the recorded keynote and invited speakers sessions as well as the oral presentations.

Check out our guidebook for participants to guide you through the online platform.

Only if you have registered and paid your registration, you will get an invitation email with a link to the online platform. We would advise you to register and pay in time in order to make sure you will be able to enter the platform on December 10, 2020.

Recording instructions for presenters

STEP 1. Copyright Transfer Terms and Licensing Policy

All authors of accepted presentations are asked to agree with the Copyright Transfer Terms and Licensing Policy in order to give their consent for publication on the online platform.

Please add the title of your presentation to the template document obtained from the link below, and sign the document as presenting author on behalf of all authors. The document has to be signed by an autograph or a written name. A typed name is not considered as an autograph.

STEP 2. Instructions for recording your presentation

While recording your video, please pay attention to the following important guidelines:

► Length of the video: maximum 10 minutes for oral presentations, maximum 5 minutes for poster presentations

► PowerPoint in 16:9 format (maximum 4 to 5 slides for poster presentations)

► The first slide must be a slide that includes the title of your presentation, your name and affiliation.

► If you still want people to contact you for questions after the live event, please insert your contact details on the last slide of your presentation. During the 4 weeks after the live event, the presentations will remain available on the on-demand platform. However, the chat box will not be available anymore.

There are several video recording tools available to easily record a presentation. However, our recommended approach is to record the presentation using Panopto. In order to do this, click on the button below and follow the instructions. Even if you don't use Panopto, these instructions include valuable tips & tricks on how to record your presentation and how to upload your video file on YouTube.

STEP 3. Uploading your video and signed Copyright document

Please note that the video file must be uploaded on YouTube. In order to do this, please create your own YouTube account, as explained in the instructions above. The upload on YouTube is needed to allow multiple people to watch simultaneously to your presentation during the live event on December 10 an 11, 2020 and to upload your video on the on-demand platform afterwards. So please, don't remove the video from your personal account before January 7, 2021.

In the submission tool where you have previously submitted your abstract, we have made it possible to submit the YouTube link to the video and to upload the signed Copyright Transfer Terms and Licensing Policy document.

Login to the submission tool and go to Your Submissions:

► Click on 'Edit Contribution Details': to submit the YouTube video link.

► Click on 'Upload Contribution': to upload the signed Copryright document as pdf.

All video recordings and copyright documents should be uploaded by Friday November 20, 2020 at the latest.